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Molding Process for TELENE®1600/1700 series

Molding Process for TELENE1600/1700 series

Reaction injection molding (RIM) is used for TELENE®1600/1700 series. RIM essentially involves a two-liquid system: liquid A is dicyclopentadiene (DCP) with a catalyst activator and additive, and liquid B is DCP with a catalyst, additive, and polymerization initiator.
Liquids A and B are pumped through pipes into a mold. They are impingement-mixed at an even volume rate using a mixing head located at the bottom of the mold and then injected into the mold (3~5kgf/cm2).
Once liquids A and B are impingement-mixed, the catalyst and catalyst activator initiate a chemical reaction that completes inside the mold in only a few minutes. The reaction generates heat and the molded product is heated to nearly 200°C; therefore, it should be allowed to cool to about 100°C before being removed. The entire process, from injecting liquids A and B to removing the molded product, is completed in only about five minutes.
The DCP-RIM process is suitable for manufacturing large-scaled molded products with complex shapes in a very short period and offers remarkable energy saving advantages. TELENE® is an environmentally sound olefin thermosetting resin with well-balanced properties that respond to today’s need.

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