Technical Information


Technical InformationFatigue Test

Fatigue characteristics under constant stress

Flexural Strength Test by Plane Bending

(1) Purpose

Determine the fatigue limit when subjected to repeated constant stress

(2) Test conditions

Test item Simple beam/free testing method
Testing method As per JIS K7119
Sample shape JIS K7119 Type-I (4 mmt)
Frequency 30 Hz (1,800 cpm)
Temperature 23℃
Number of repetitions Up to 10^7 times
Test Machine Repeated Vibration Fatigue Tester–Model B70 (Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd.)

(3) Result

The S-N curve for the test is shown below.
If the repeated stress is less than or equal to 1/4 of the maximum flexural strength, the product should be able to withstand at least 10^6 cycles.