Intended Uses and Applications

Application for TELENE®1800 seriesSealant


  • Low viscosity
  • High impregnability
  • High electrical insulation
  • High adhesiveness
  • High heat resistance
  • Low halogen and low ionic content
  • High gas barrier property

To meet demand for conserving energy and reducing size, electrical and electronic components must be even smaller and last longer. To achieve this, improving the performance of the sealing material is essential.。
RIMTEC’s PDCP has excellent electrical insulation properties, and its low viscosity allows for ease in filling gaps of even a few micrometers. Consequently, many anticipate it will be used for next-generation micro-designed components.
With high heat resistance and low halogen and ionic content, as well as its gas barrier property, PDCP is currently being developed for use in electronic components and modules that are required to last a long time.
In terms of other practical applications, we have been enhancing our proprietary technologies to improve adhesion while developing mixing, injecting, and molding systems. Furthermore, we are fully prepared to offer customers holistic solutions that make the most of PDCP’s advantageous properties.

Simulated coilSimulated coil